About the Auburn Arts Commission

The Auburn City Council established the Auburn Arts Commission on May 22, 1995, with the goal to foster and promote the visual and performing arts in Auburn while serving in and advisory capacity to the City Council in such matters.

Among our charged responsibilities are:

  • Identify and maintain a list of publicly-owned property and structures suitable for the installation of visual artworks to be placed.
  • Provide for the selection and placement of visual artworks supported, in whole or in part, by public funds.
  • Catalog visual artworks owned by the City and recommend maintenance, protection, relocation, alteration, removal and disposition of them.
  • Review and recommend funding sources to support the arts, including but not limited to grants and donations.
  • Promote art awareness and encourage private initiatives in the arts.
  • Review and propose methods and policies to strengthen and support local visual and performing artists and arts organizations.
  • Work with individuals and other organizations to support arts festivals and contests.
  • Review and make recommendations to the City Council on the request of any individual or non-City organization to:

    – provide displays in any public building, park, or City facility

    – promote visual and performing artworks in conjunction with City parks and recreation programs and locations

    – donate artworks for public display and performance

    – provide a space or building exterior for outdoor visual artworks