Auburn Art Walk Preview Meetup, March 2019

About the Meetup

The goal of this meetup is to gather together everyone interested in showing their art or performing at an Auburn Art Walk, hosting art in their venue, providing volunteer support for the events, or even sponsoring the events. We will give a brief presentation about the 2019 Art Walk season, and you will have a chance to talk with the event organizers and curators, and to share your thoughts and ideas to help ensure this year's events will be the best they can be.

We will meet Thursday, March 14, 2019, at from 5-7pm in the Rose Room at Auburn City Hall, 1225 Lincoln Way. Our presentation will be on the early end of the event, but you are welcome to come later if you can't make the beginning.

Whether you can make it to the event or not, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter, where you can indicate your participation interests.

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2019 Auburn Art Walk Season

For the 2019 season, the Art Walk committee and the Auburn Arts Commission are implementing exciting updates designed to provide a more engaging experience and encourage greater participation by artists, visitors and businesses around town.

There will be five Art Walk events this year, on the second Thursday of each month from May through September. Each event will encompass a more compact area, and will move around town from month to month.

We will invite a different guest artist for each event to layer their unique vision as an overarching theme or vision for each Art Walk. The Art Walk Committee will work with the venues, artists and surrounding businesses to implement that vision to pique the interest of long-time Art Walk lovers along with new visitors that have never been to an Art Walk.

Save the Dates!

The event dates and locations for 2019 are:

May 9, 5-8pm Art Walk in Downtown – everything east of City Hall. Live music during the event, maybe an evening-ending concert in the Central Square Art Park. Other activities under consideration include food and/or beverage vendors on the streets, art demonstrations, and hands-on kids activities.

June 13, 5-8pm Art Walk in Old Town – everything west of City Hall. Same basic outline as above with guest artist and district participants customizing the event to make it their special evening.

July 11, 5-8pm Art Walk at City Hall and School Park Preserve - selected artists and activities, live music, street food, specifics to be determined. Post-event concert at the Cooper Amphitheater. Possibly start activities earlier in the afternoon since school is out for everybody.

August 8, 5-8pm Art Walk in Downtown - same outline as in May with new special features.

September 12, 5-8pm Art Walk in Old Town - same outline as in June with new special features.

About the Changes

Why are we changing the format?

In the past, different areas of town have had very different Art Walk experiences – some areas are lively and full of people, while other venues have few visitors. With 20 to 30 venues at every Art Walk, stretching a mile from the top of Downtown to Old Town, most people visit only a small number of the locations. Very few people travel the entire length of the Art Walk and if they do, they have to spend little time in each spot.

With visitors so spread out, there rarely is a sense of a cohesive, festive community event. Visitors may attend only one Art Walk during the season with the thought that they are all pretty much the same.

At each Art Walk this season we will promote the “Celebrity Artist” curator for the next Art Walk. By creating five distinctive events that take place on the second Thursday of every month from May to September in compact districts around town, people will understand how unique each event is going to be and they will get second Thursdays on their calendar.

With fewer locations at each Art Walk, we can more effectively promote each artist and expect better overall attendance at each individual show.

We are returning to the classic Thursday Night Art Walk after a couple of years on Friday nights. We want to avoid conflicts with other Auburn activities and art events in the region and liven up Thursday evenings in Auburn with a fun start to the weekend.

We are moving the time of the Art Walk up an hour to 5-8pm instead of 6-9pm. This will catch people after work and more families can attend without interfering with homework and bedtime for the kids. The earlier start will also add some daylight during the shorter days in May and September and allow us to host some after-party concerts for those who like to stay out a bit later.

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