Auburn Art Walk - Downtown, May 9, 2019

We have some changes to the Auburn Art Walk for 2019!

  • We are having 5 events, on the second Thursday of each month from May through September.
  • Art Walk Receptions will be held from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.
  • Each event will cover a smaller region:
    • May 9 in Downtown Auburn
    • June 13 in Old Town Auburn
    • July 11 in School Park Preserve and Auburn City Hall
    • August 8, back to Downtown Auburn
    • September 12, back to Old Town Auburn

It is our hope that these changes create a less spread-out, more festive environment where you can meet up with friends and see all the venues at each event. And, you can expect each event to have its own unique feel, so put them on your calendar and come on out to all of them!

Click a venue below for show details
  1. Southside Unlimited Work of Art Center - Member Show
  2. General Gomez Arts & Events Center - River Canyons, Wild Waters
  3. General Gomez Downstairs Studio - JC Lee Studios, Clay Arts Studo, Student Works
  4. Forever Enlightened - Amy Ricci, Sandra Main
  5. Ordaz Studio - Frank Ordaz
  6. The Golden Swann - Dan Dresser, Denise Wey
  7. Metal Arts Academy - Heather Wilde
  8. BBR Realty - Nick Vogt
  9. Advanced Naturopathic Wellness - Kari Anapol
  10. Tucked In - Lori Paskey
  11. Tango Frozen Yogurt - Janet Joslin
  12. Nectar Café - Stan Padilla
  13. Baked & Brewed - North Auburn Studio Tour Artists
  14. Auburn City Hall Gallery - Sierra Needlers
  15. Embellishments Artist Studio - Cindy and Sean Bonito
  16. 979 Hair Design - Sandra Kay
  17. CA Welcome Center & Visitors Bureau - Joe Dondelinger
  18. The Art Studios of St. Luke's - Paula Amerine and friends
  19. Winston Smith Books - Barbara Harris

Music Around Town
  1. General Gomez Arts and Events Center - live music inside
  2. The Promenade - Gary Bowman
  3. The Clock Tower - Yuba Rio
  4. Central Square - Brotherly Mud, plus Stan Padilla storytelling

Details below are still developing.
Southside Unlimited Work of Art Center

1. Southside Unlimited Work of Art Center

669 Lincoln Way - 530.823.7363

Member Artists, Variety of Media

General Gomez Arts & Events Center

2. General Gomez Arts & Events Center

808 Lincoln Way - 530.745.4230

Protect American River Canyons

River Canyons, Wild Waters

Group show featuring 16 artists in multiple medias, live music, appetizers with beer and wine available. Art Show runs from May 9th to May 23rd, and proceeds benefit PARC and our local rivers.

Artists in the show include:

General Gomez Downstairs Studios

3. General Gomez Downstairs Studios

808 Lincoln Way - 530.745.4230

JC Lee Studios School of Sculpture, Student Works

Clay Arts Studio, Student Works

Forever Enlightened

4. Forever Enlightened

839 Lincoln Way - 530.883.8033

Amy Ricci, Mixed Media

Sandra Main, Acrylic

Ordaz Gallery

5. Ordaz Gallery

843 Lincoln Way - 530.906.0716

Frank Ordaz, Oil

Golden Swann

6. Golden Swann Collectibles & Jewelry Gallery

881 Lincoln Way - 530.823.1945

Dan Dresser, Wood & Metal Sculpture

Denise Wey, Acrylics

Metal Arts Academy

7. Metal Arts Academy

1039 High Street #10 - 530.820.3278

Heather Wilde, “Brume Poppets” - Clay Sculpture and Prints on Canvas

Emerald Barkley, Watercolor

BBR Realty

8. BBR Realty

900 Lincoln Way - 530.887.1777

Bob McClurg, Woodturning

Nick Vogt, Watercolor

Advanced Naturopathic Wellness

9. Advanced Naturopathic Wellness

908 Lincoln Way - 530.537.2337

Kari Anapol, Watercolor and Acrylic

Tucked In

10. Tucked In

910 Lincoln Way - 530.745.4317

Lori Paskey, Pastels, Acrylic

Tango Frozen Yogurt

11. Tango Frozen Yogurt

940 Lincoln Way - 530.888.0455

Janet Joslin, Oil, Watercolor

This is Janet's farewell show in Auburn, as she is moving out of town in a few weeks.

Nectar Café

12. Nectar Café

948A Lincoln Way - 530.820.3314

Stan Padilla, Oil, Acrylic

Baked & Brewed

13. Baked & Brewed

958 Lincoln Way - 530.889.1373

North Auburn Studio Tour Artists, Multiple Media

The North Auburn Art Studios Tour will be running the weekend of May 11 & 12, 2019. This show provides a preview of the artist you can visit on the self-guided tour.

Auburn City Hall Gallery

14. Auburn City Hall Gallery

1225 Lincoln Way - 530.823.4211

Sierra Needlers Group Show, Quilting

This is a group show by the Sierra Needlers, showing their fantastic art work. In addition to art walk night, the City Hall Gallery is open 9-5 Monday through Friday, and this show will be on display through the end of June 2019.

Embellishments Artist Studio

15. Embellishments Artist Studio

1021 Lincoln Way - 530.823.4211

Cindy and Sean Bonito, Printmaking

979 Hair Design

16. 979 Hair Design

979 Lincoln Way - 530.885.6678

Sandra Kay, Multi media

California Welcome Center

17. California Welcome Center

1103 High Street, Ste 150 - 530.887.2111

Joe Dondelinger, Photogaphy

The Art Studios of St. Luke's

18. The Art Studios of St. Luke's

148 Lewis Street

Paula Amerine, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel Jeanette Phillips, Fused Glass Diane Ruhkala Bell, Mixed Media Darlene Engellenner, Mixed Media Keith Smith, Batik

Winston Smith Books

19. Winston Smith Books

933 Lincoln Way, 530.823.8940

Barbara Harris, Acrylics and Encaustic Monoprints

Music at General Gomez Arts & Events Center

Music #1. General Gomez Arts & Events Center

808 Lincoln Way - 530.745.4230

The River Canyons, Wild Waters show will feature live music inside the gallery.

Music at the Auburn Promenade

Music #2. Auburn Promenade

853 Lincoln Way

Gary Bowman - singer-songwriting player of many different stringed instruments

Singing songs of birds and fish and oceans and planets and more around the Auburn Promenade, mid-block on Lincoln Way.

Music at the Clock Tower

Music #3. The Clock Tower

Corner of Lincoln Way and High Street

Yuba Rio - two guitars and a bass playing really good music really well under the Clock Tower.

Music at Central Square

Music #4. Central Square

The square that's really more of a triangle at the other corner of Lincoln Way and High Street. You know, the one with the fire pit!

Brotherly Mud - Auburn's own folky-rocky band playing their original songs in Central Square.

Stan Padilla - Storytelling presented by Stan Padilla begins at the fire pit at 7pm.

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